Abandon the World

September 25, 2015

And they said “Abandon the world!”
And I listened and rejected all matter,
Seeing it as evil
And far removed from divine perfection.
I imagined a better world
And imposed this vision,
Imaging, imagining
I could improve on the forests, deserts and seas
With concrete, coins and cars.
But it was all fantasy still.
And this was the truth behind “abandon the world”:
Abandon fantasies floating in our heads,
Abandon the fantasies propogated by society,
Abandon fiction and be at one with the real,
The real of body, senses and matter.
This, the ineffable truth conveyed by the mystics.
Abandon the world spoken of by men,
Be at one with the world experienced by the body,
And realise yourself as a body with a name,
Abandoning the notion
You’re a name wearing a body.


Samurai Haiku

September 25, 2013

Pure blood on pure blade,
I find my bliss within deth;
The world flows thru me.

Autum Changes

August 21, 2013

The color of autum belies its solar ancestry
As leves shade into darkness like a sunset.
Dappld patterns, browns, yellows and purpls,
Hid within green now manifest their beauty.
The branches left bare.

Crying Soul

August 19, 2013

Listen to my soul,
It cries… it cries,
Sorro bound with joy.
The promis of a future generation frail and weak.
How can I kno what the future holds?
The only certainty is change.

Solar Sacrifice

August 18, 2013

The Sun is slain,
His blood stains the sky as he falls beneath the horizon,
His tomb in the west.
But tomorro he shall be reborn and bless us with sunlyt.

Nature’s Hart

August 17, 2013

I fall into rhythm with the hiddn hartbeat of Nature’s Law.
Its green blood corses thru my life,
Fulfilld by ever-changing creativity,
Sustaind by Primal Eternity.

Samon Dawn

August 16, 2013

Samon pink ov dawn,
Glo-ing with the dayz promis.
The morning’z chil
Gro-ing waurm in the glo.

Elemental Cycls

August 16, 2013

From within Erth, fire brews.
Air escapes from the flames lungs.
The sky cries water droplets that sink into and nourish the Erth.
And so the elements go on.

Nature’s Spirit

August 15, 2013

Held within the bark of trees,
The song of birds,
The twinkl of stars,
The heat of the hunt,
The crash of the waves,
Ar the blessings of the Great Spirit
Renewing Nature and her children.

Silver Lady

August 13, 2013

I, so bright in the night sky,
The sign of the month turning,
Hav been watching you since yor birth
And beyond that.

My worship has been manifold and divers.
All nations observd my sutl yet vital effect on the erth’s life,
Acros history I have been honord by lov and fear.

Further back acros time,
Right from the creation of life on erth and thru its evolution,
I hav been there,
My silver light woven deeply into the fabric of the living world
And inspiring the magic of the Wise Ones.

Women, no me in your bloodied cycles and intuitiv promptings,
Men, no me in yor primal instincts and wild harts
But also no me in the tidal rhythms and my changing forms;
Full and dark, waxing and waning.

Companion to sun I am,
Mother to stars I am,
Gardian of the wilderness
Dapling the woodland flor, glowing upon the fields and blessing human harts.